i1Deal Refund Policy

Refund Policy

What Is A Refund?

A Refund Is A Repayment Of A Sum Of Money, Typically, To A Customer Or User Who Is Unsatisfied With The Service Rendered.


What Is The Refund Process?

i1Deal Will Provide A Refund Of Credits (subject To Investigation & Approval) When A Service Provider Fails To Receive Payment From The Customer After The Service Completion OR A Customer Who Requests A Refund For Whatsoever Reason After Which The Payment Is Made.


How Do I Submit A Dispute?

For Customer, Should You Request For A Refund, Please Proceed To ‘Raise Dispute’ Page By Submitting Your Request.

For Service Provider, There Is No Need For You To Raise Dispute As A Dispute Will Automatically Occur When Payment Is Not Released Within A Certain Period Of Time (1 Week After Service Completion).


How Long Is The Refund Process?

From The Date Of The Service Completion, It Takes Seven (7) Working Days for A Dispute To Be Raised And Another Seven (7) Working Days for Admin Site To Investigate And Do The Necessary Before Deciding On The Final Outcome.


How Soon Will I Receive My Refund/payment?

You Will Receive Your Refund/payment (subject To The Final Outcome) In Two (2) Weeks’ Time From The Date Of The Dispute Raised.


How Do I Receive My Refund?

The Refundable Amount Will Be Credited Into Your Online Wallet And Withdrawal Can Be Done Upon Request.


What Can I Do If I Do Not Agree With I1Deal’s Final Dispute Decision?

Once A Dispute Is Escalated To Us, The Decision Made (after Investigation) Is FINAL.