Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms Of Service

IONE DEAL SDN. BHD. Is A Registered Corporation (1274857-M)

Please Read The Following Terms Of Service Thoroughly. By Using The i1DEAL platform, You Agree To Abide By These Terms Of Service.

Should You Disagree With These Terms Of Service, Please Discontinue Utilising Our Website For Service Purposes.

 User Panel

  1. User Can Act As BOTH Service Provider And Customer In The Same Login Panel
  2. User Can Switch Between The Service Provider And Customer Dashboard With A Toggle Button For The Same Purpose.
  3. If You Are A Service Provider, Please Click ‘Join As Pro

 Account Registration

By Registering An Account With I1DEAL Or Using The Services Provided On Our Website, You Hereby Acknowledge And Agree That You Are Entering Into A Legally Binding Agreement Between Us And You.

  1. User Will Have To Register An Account With I1DEAL In Order To Use Certain Features Of The Platform Such As Adding A Service (done By Service Provider) And Purchasing/booking A Service (done By Customer).
  2. For Unregistered Users, They Can Still Browse The Website And Search The Providers According To Service Category, Sub-category And Type Of Service Offered/provided. However, In Order To Fully Utilise The Features Of The Website And To Post A Service, The User (as A Service Provider) Is Required To Create An Account With Us And The Same Rule Also Applies To The User (as A Customer) If He/she Plans To Hire The Desired Service Provider(s).  
  3. User Will Have To Sign Up To I1DEAL Site Using A Valid Email Address, With Your Own Created Password As Well As Providing A Contactable Mobile Phone Number Or You Can Also Log In To Your Account With Other Third-party Social Networking Sites Such As Facebook, Google+ And LinkedIn.
  4. User Is Responsible To Maintain The Confidentiality Of His/her Account At All Times Without Unveiling Any Personal Information To Anyone.
  5. Should You (either Service Provider And Customer) Realise Any Unauthorised Use Of Your Account Or Any Breach Of Security, You Shall Alert Us Without Further Delay So As I1DEAL Will Look Into The Matter And Take The Necessary Action. Similarly, You Affirm That You Will Not Portray Yourself As Someone Else Where You Claim Yourself Otherwise Or Provide Any Misleading Information With The Intention Of Falsifying Your Identity Or To Confuse The Other Service Users On The Website.
  6. You Hereby Acknowledge And Agree That I1DEAL Will Not Be Accountable For The Losses Caused By An Unauthorised Use Of An Account.

 Content (Applicable To Both Service Provider And Customer)

  1. You Hereby Recognise That The Content On I1DEAL Platform Including Trademark, Patent, Logo, Service Mark, Word Mark And Other Proprietary Rights Incorporated On Its Platform Are Registered Trademarks Of I1DEAL And Anyone Be It As A Potential User Or User Of The Website Will Not Use, Copy, Modify, Alter Or Adapt Any Of Its Form To Other External Websites Which Can, In Turn, Violate Or Misrepresent I1DEAL As A Whole.
  2. All Users Are Solely Responsible For The Content Made Available On I1DEAL Website Where You Acknowledge That Whether It Is:

i) As Service Provider Offering A Particular Service; Or

ii) As Customer Hiring A Service Provider

you Agree That It Is Of Paramount Importance That You Are Providing/using A Service With Real Intention, But With No Intention Of Committing Fraud Or Causing Disruption.

  1. Once A Hired Service Provider Has Got Hold Of The Personal Information Of The Customer(s), He/she Acknowledges The Importance Of Safeguarding All Personal Details Of Their Customer(s) Without Disclosing The Confidential Details Or Information To Anyone Or Outsiders. This Includes Sharing Of Personal Information To Other Potential Service Providers Which The Customer(s) Can Be Contacted By Others Without Getting The Customers’ Consent.
  2. Likewise, Any Information Shared With The Customers Is Meant For Service-related Purposes But Not For The Customers To Disclose The Contact Details Or Personal Information Of The Service Providers With Other Parties Or Via Other Channels Without Their Consent.
  3. You Hereby Acknowledge That You Do Not Misrepresent Yourself (either As Service Provider Or Customer) Which Can Indirectly Or Directly Damage The Reputation Of I1DEAL.
  4. You Agree That The Information Shared Is Appropriate Or According To The Service(s) Offered But Not Posted In Any Inappropriate Category Or Subcategory On The Platform.
  5. All Services Offered Are Genuine And They Do Not Contain Any Misleading Information Or In Any Attempt To Deceive Or Exploit Other Service Users.
  6. The Submitted Content Is Not Racist Or With Racist Remark Against Any Individual Or Group, Or In Any Way Being Obscene, Vulgar, Slanderous, Threatening, Or Expresses Violence, Contains Nudity Or Any Act Which Can Be Considered As A Violation Of Law.
  7. Service Provider Who Offers Or Posts A Particular Service On The Website Should Deliver The Service As Requested But Does Not Harbour Any Intention To Promote Or Market Any Other Unsolicited Services Or With The Intention To Cause Confusion To Other Users/customers.
  8. You Hereby Agree That As A Service Provider On Our Platform, You Do Not Advertise Service(s) Of Other External Websites Or Any Other Links That Are Not Appropriate For The Website As Deem Fit By I1DEAL In Its Sole Discretion.
  9.  All Submitted Content, Be It As In word Form Or image Form, SERVICE PROVIDERS Are Reminded NOT TO INCLUDE Any Personal Information In It Which Is Not Limited To:

i) PERSONAL CONTACT DETAILS (e.g. Mobile Phone Number, Email Address

Home Address And Identification Card Information)


  1. You Hereby Grant I1DEAL The Right To Send A Warning Message To You In The Event Of Breaching The Submitted Content Rules, Or In The Event Of Not Following The Instructions After Which I1DEAL Has Informed, You Agree That We, In Our Sole Discretion, Have The Authority To Remove The Submitted Content, Or To Delete, Deactivate Or Terminate Your Account Without Your Consent.

 Disclaimer Of Liability And Indemnity

  1. It Is The Responsibility Of All Service Providers And Customers To Ensure The Basic Information Such As Name, Mobile Phone Number And Email Address Provided Are Accurate.
  2. All Users Of I1DEAL Acknowledge That The Use Of The Platform Is Solely At Your Own Risk In Which I1DEAL, Its Directors And Staff/employees Make No Warranties Or Guarantees To Its Accuracy Of All Submitted Content Displayed On The Website.
  3. All Service Providers Are Fully Responsible To Deliver The Service(s) As Requested And Agreed Upon As Well As To Ensure His/her Reliability In Delivering The Service(s) Without Any Issues.
  4. Customers Are Responsible To Evaluate And Review All The Information Made Available On The Website Before Hiring A Particular Service Provider.
  5. You Hereby Agree That I1DEAL Shall Not Be Liable For Any Incidental Damages, Damages For Loss Of Profits, Data, Reputation Or Any Service-related Failure And Technical Glitch On The Website. In Addition, I1DEAL Will Not Be Liable For Any Fraud, Errors, Mistakes, Misconduct, Breach Of Contract Or Lawsuits Between The Service Providers And Their Customers.


  1. Should A Service Rendered Is Unsatisfactory Or Does Not Comply With The Agreed Job Scope, Customer Is To Be Reminded To Raise Dispute As Soon As The Service Provider Has Completed The Job And Is Requesting For Payment. Service Provider, On The Other Hand, Can Raise A Dispute Against The Customer When There Is A Need To Do So.
  2. Both Service Provider And Customer Will Be Notified When Any Party Raises A Dispute. A Dispute Details Page Will Be Provided Where Both Can Share Messages And/or Any Attachments For The Dispute.
  3. Dispute Creator Will Be Allowed To Cancel The Claim To Resolve The Dispute In Favour Of The Other User. As Such, Both Parties Will Have A Specific Time Window To Either Accept/reject The Claim Or Message Another Party. Failure To Do So Will Result In The Dispute Being Resolved Automatically In Favour Of The Dispute Creator.
  4. All Disputes Must Be Raised Within 3 Working Days From The Date Of The Job That Has Been Marked As Complete.
  5. In The Event Where There Is An Official Complaint Made By Either Party, Any User Can Escalate The Dispute To Admin. In This Case, I1DEAL Will Start Its Investigation And Facilitate A Resolution Between The Service Provider And Customer.
  6. Once The Dispute Is Escalated To Admin, User Will Not Be Able To Accept/cancel Claim From The Resolution Centre. The Service Status Will Be Changed To ‘Closed’ After Admin’s Intervention In The Dispute.  
  7. In The Event That A Service Is Dealt Outside The I1DEAL Platform, All Forms Of Disputes WILL NOT BE ENTERTAINED.
  8. You Can Drop A Line At i1deal@info.com After The Issue Or Problem Has Been Resolved.

 Fees And Payment

  1. i1DEAL Charges Service Provider For The I1DEAL Service Including But Not Limited To Fees Responding To Service Requests From Customers Or Making Transactions Between One Another Via The I1DEAL Platform. Certain Fixed Amount Will Be Charged From The Service Provider’s Wallet When He/she Places A Quote.
  2. There Is one (1) Payment Option in Which A Customer Will Deposit The Said Amount Into Their Wallet And pay through Wallet Payment Where The Amount Will Be Deducted From The Wallet After The Completion Of a Particular Service. 
  3. Upon Receiving The Service Request From A Customer, The Service Provider Will Discuss With You In Relation To The Job Specification Or Scope Of Work That Need To Be Done. The Payment Request Will Be Sent To The Customer Once The Service Provider Has Completed The Task And Once The Task Is Deemed Complete, The Customer Is To Release The Payment.
  4. All Users Must Be At Least 18 Years Of Age In Order To Transact With I1DEAL.